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Jens Ogniewski

PhD Student
1tr3A:487 (B-building, A-corridor, 1st floor, between entrances 27 and 29)


TSBK07/TSBK36 Computer Graphics (assistant)
TSBK03 Advance Computer Game Techniques (assistant)

Former Assignments
TDDD56 Multicore and GPU Programming (assistant)
TSBK06 / TSBK02 Image and Audio Coding (lab assistant)

Research Interests

Parallel Algorithms for Multimedia Applications in Embedded Systems
Parallel architectures have become a driving force in recent years, addressing problems from high performance to low energy consumption. This is due to the fact that monocores cannot efficiently take usage of the ever increasing number of transistors per chip, whereas system-on-a-chip with several cores become feasible. It can be shown that these systems outperform monocores. This transition is even happening in embedded systems, where additional constraints arise like limited memory and bus bandwidth as well as battery runtime. Hence, algorithms have to be found which are especially geared towards these systems and which take care of the above mentioned issues.

3D Display Systems
Recent years have seen the introducing of a manifold of different 3D displays to the market. However, most displays still suffer from issues like crosstalk and visual artifacts. Furthermore, content generation for these system does not consist of simply generating two different pictures, many other aspects have to be taken into account as well. These are all reasons which hinder the growth of the 3D display market, thus solutions addressing these shortcomings have to be found.


Parallel Algorithms for Multimedia Applications in Embedded Systems

Realtime Particle System Simulation and Rendering in Embedded Systems (MCCSIS 2013):
paper, presentation, notes, demo video

Texture Compression in Memory- and Performance-Constrained Embedded Systems (MCCSIS 2011):
paper, presentation, the corresponding encoder can be found here

Introduction to Software Development for Smartphones / Tablets (Seminar, May 2013):

Open GLES - Computer Graphics in Embedded Systems (Lecture, March 2013):

Development and Optimization of a MPEG2 Video Decoder on a Multiprocessor Embedded Platform (Master Thesis, Juni 2007)


3D Display Systems

A Game Designers Guide To 3D Displays (September 2011), based on a MCCSIS 2011 reflection paper: presentation, report

Autostereoscopy and Motion Parallax for Mobile Computer Games Using Commercially Available Hardware (MCCSIS 2010):
paper, presentation (directors cut), notes, an extended journal version is available at IJCISIM, vol. 3, 2011

3D Displays & video (Seminar, August 2009): presentation, notes, references


As co-author

New Radix-2 and Radix-22 Constant Geometry Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms for GPUs (MCCSIS 2013, best paper)

Model-Based Video Coding using Colour and Depth Cameras (DICTA 2011, best colour paper)

Quasi-Static Voltage Scaling for Energy Minimization With Time Constraints (IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems, Vol.19, Iss. 1, 2011)

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