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Research interests

Many different things but here are the top keywords from my publications.
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I am also doing reasearch on Subspace Clustering. Code and data available here .

If you wish to contact me please use this email address.

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  1. Vasileios Zografos, Reiner Lenz, Michael Felsberg The Weibull manifold in low-level image processing: an application to automatic image focusing. Image and Vision Computing, 31 (5) 2013, pp 401-417
  2. [pdf] [Matlab source code] [Test data]

    Reviewed conferences


  1. Freddie Åström, Vasileios Zografos, Michael Felsberg Density Driven Diffusion. SCIA 2013
  2. [pdf]

  3. Vasileios Zografos, Liam Ellis, Rudolf Mester Discriminative Subspace Clustering. CVPR 2013
  4. [pdf] [Matlab source code]

  5. Reiner Lenz, Vasileios Zografos Fisher Information and the Combination of RGB channels. Computational Color Imaging Workshop (CCIW) 2013
  6. [pdf]


  7. Liam Ellis, Vasileios Zografos Online Learning for Fast Segmentation of Moving Objects. ACCV 2012
  8. [pdf]

  9. Vasileios Zografos: Enhancing motion segmentation by combination of complementary affinities. ICPR 2012 (oral)
  10. [pdf]

  11. Reiner Lenz, Vasileios Zografos: RGB Filter design using the properties of the Weibull Manifold. CGIV 2012
  12. [pdf]


  13. Vasileios Zografos, Klas Nordberg: Fast and accurate motion segmentation using Linear Combination of Views. BMVC 2011 (oral)
  14. [pdf] [Matlab source code] [Presentation slides][Presentation video]

  15. Vasileios Zografos, Reiner Lenz: Spatio-chromatic image content descriptors and their analysis using Extreme Value Theory. SCIA 2011
  16. [pdf][Demo code][poster][Cited by]


  17. Vasileios Zografos, Klas Nordberg, Liam Ellis: Sparse motion segmentation using multiple six-point consistencies. VECTaR workshop (with ACCV) 2010
  18. [pdf][Cited by]

  19. Klas Nordberg, Vasileios Zografos: Multibody motion segmentation using the geometry of 6 points in 2D images. ICPR 2010: 1783-1787
  20. [pdf][Cited by]


  21. Vasileios Zografos: Comparison of Optimisation Algorithms for Deformable Template Matching. ISVC (2) 2009: 1097-1108
  22. [pdf]


  23. Vasileios Zografos, Bernard F. Buxton: A Bayesian Approach to 3D Object Recognition Using Linear Combination of 2D Views. VISAPP (2) 2008: 295-298
  24. [pdf]


  25. Vasileios Zografos, Bernard F. Buxton: Pose-Invariant 3D Object Recognition Using Linear Combination of 2D Views and Evolutionary Optimisation. ICCTA 2007: 645-649
  26. [pdf][Cited by]


  27. Bernard F. Buxton, Vasileios Zografos: Flexible Template and Model Matching Using Intensity. DICTA 2005: 64
  28. [pdf][Cited by]

  29. Vasileios Zografos, Bernard F. Buxton: Affine Invariant, Model-Based Object Recognition Using Robust Metrics and Bayesian Statistics. ICIAR 2005: 407-414
  30. [pdf][Cited by]

    Book chapters


  1. Reiner Lenz, Vasileios Zografos, Martin Solli: Dihedral color filtering. Advanced Color image processing and analysis, Ed: C. Fernandez-Maloigne, Springer 2013: pp 119--145
  2. 2007

  3. Vasileios Zografos, Bernard F. Buxton: Evaluation of linear combination of views for object recognition on real and synthetic datasets. ADVANCES IN INTELLIGENT INFORMATION PROCESSING Tools and Applications,World Scientific Review, 2007: 85-105
  4. [pdf]



  1. Vasileios Zografos: Pose-invariant, model-based object recognition, using linear combination of views and Bayesian statistics. , PhD Thesis 2009:
  2. [pdf]


  3. Vasileios Zografos: On the affine skeleton of 3D models of the human body , MRes Thesis 2003:
  4. [pdf]

    Popular science articles and presentations


  1. Freddie Åström, Vasileios Zografos, Michael Felsberg Image denoising via density driven diffusion. , Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis (SSBA), 2013
  2. 2012

  3. Reiner Lenz, Vasileios Zografos, From Color to Gray via the Weibull Manifold. , Proc. Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis, (SSBA) 2012
  4. 2011

  5. Vasileios Zografos and Reiner Lenz, Fast Algebraic Transforms and Extreme Value Theory. , Proc. Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis, (SSBA) 2011
  6. 2010

  7. Klas Nordberg and Vasileios Zografos, Multibody motion classi.cation using the geometry of 6 points in 2D images , Proc. Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis, (SSBA) 2010
  8. Vasileios Zografos and Johan Hedborg, Structure and ground plane extraction from optical flow , 4th International Conference on Cognitive Systems, (CogSys) 2010

Vasileios Zografos

Vasileios Zografos


Postal address:
Computer Vision Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden
+46(0)13 282637
Visit me at:
Building B, Campus Valla
Room 2A:440:
- first floor,
- corridor A,
- between entrances B27 and B29

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