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Co-alignment of Aerial Push-broom Strips using Trajectory Smoothness Constraints

Erik Ringaby, Jörgen Ahlberg, Per-Erik Forssén, Niclas Wadströmer
Proceedings SSBA'10 Symposium on Image Analysis
Pages 63-66
March 2010


We study the problem of registering a sequence of scan lines (a strip) from an airborne push-broom imager to another sequence partly covering the same area. Such a registration has to compensate for deformations caused by attitude and speed changes in the aircraft. The registration is challenging, as both strips contain such deformations. Our algorithm estimates the 3D rotation of the camera for each scan line, by parametrising it as a linear spline with a number of knots evenly distributed in one of the strips. The rotations are estimated from correspondences between strips of the same area. Once the rotations are known, they can be compensated for, and each line of pixels can be transformed such that ground trace of the two strips are registered with respect to each other.

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