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Co-aligning Aerial Hyperspectral Push-broom Strips for Change Detection

Erik Ringaby, Jörgen Ahlberg, Niclas Wadströmer, Per-Erik Forssén
ESD10, Tolouse, France
Proceedings of SPIE Security+Defence
Volume 7835
September 2010


We have performed a field trial with an airborne push-broom hyperspectral sensor, making several flights over the same area and with known changes (e.g., moved vehicles) between the flights. Each flight results in a sequence of scan lines forming an image strip, and in order to detect changes between two flights, the two resulting image strips must be geometrically aligned and radiometrically corrected. The focus of this paper is the geometrical alignment, and we propose an image- and gyro-based method for geometric co-alignment (registration) of two image strips. The method is particularly useful when the sensor is not stabilized, thus reducing the need for expensive mechanical stabilization. The method works in several steps, including gyro-based rectification, global alignment using SIFT matching, and a local alignment using KLT tracking. Experimental results are shown but not quantified, as ground truth is, by the nature of the trial, lacking.

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SPIE Digital Library Proceedings: SPIE Vol 7835.

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Per-Erik Forssén

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