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Sparse Feature Maps in a Scale Hierarchy

Per-Erik Forssén, Gösta Granlund
AFPAC00, Kiel, Germany
AFPAC, Algebraic Frames for the Perception Action Cycle
Pages 186-196
September 2000


This article describes an essential step towards what is called a view centered representation of the low-level structure in an image. Instead of representing low-level structure (lines and edges) in one compact feature map, we will separate structural information into several feature maps, each signifying features at a characteristic phase, in a specific scale. By characteristic phase we mean the phases 0, PI, and +-PI/2, corresponding to bright, and dark lines, and edges between different intensity levels, or colours. A lateral inhibition mechanism selects the strongest feature within each local region of scale represented. The scale representation is limited to maps one octave apart, but can be interpolated to provide a continuous representation. The resultant image representation is sparse, and thus well suited for further processing, such as pattern detection.

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Per-Erik Forssén

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