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Rectifying rolling shutter video from hand-held devices

Erik Ringaby, Per-Erik Forssén
Proceedings SSBA'11 Symposium on Image Analysis
March 2011


This paper presents a method for rectifying video sequences from rolling shutter (RS) cameras. In contrast to previous RS rectification attempts we model distortions as being caused by the 3D motion of the camera. The camera motion is parametrised as a continuous curve, with knots at the last row of each frame. Curve parameters are solved for using non-linear least squares over inter-frame correspondences obtained from a KLT tracker. We have generated synthetic RS sequences with associated ground-truth to allow controlled evaluation. Using these sequences, we demonstrate that our algorithm improves over two previously published methods. The RS dataset is available on the web to allow comparison with other methods.

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This work was originally presented at the CVPR10 conference.

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