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Assistant Professor Andreas Thomasson


My name is Andreas Thomasson and I was born in Lindesberg in 1984. After finishing the Technology Program at high school I moved to Linköping to study at the University in 2004. I received my M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics and Electronics in spring 2009. After I finished my master thesis project I started my Ph.D. studies at the Division of Vehicular Systems and received my Ph.D in 2014. I am now working as a postdoc, continuing to follow my research interest.


My research interest lies in modeling and control of engine actuators and air flow, with emphasis on turbocharging and air control. My main project during my Ph.D studies was modeling and control of parallel turbocharged engines, with emphasis on co-surge phenomena. I have previously worked with electronic throttle control and modeling of pressure actuators, the latter commonly used for wastegate and bypass valves in turbocharged engines. I have also involved in a small collaborative project on knock control. My postdoc research has previously focuses on how cyclic variations in intake and exhaust effect balance in parallel turbocharged engines. Current research is imporvement of in cylinder mass and composition estimation with the aid cylinder pressure sensors and crank angle resolved intake and exhaust measurments.

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Andreas Thomasson
Assistant Professor

Institutionen för Systemteknik
Linköpings Universitet
S-581 83 Linköping

Telefon: +46 13 28 68 62
E-mail: andreas.thomasson@liu.se
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