Convex Optimization for Control, 9+3 credits

Course type

Advanced course



Intended audience

Students who want to get an introduction to convex optimization with emphasis on applications in control.


The course is based on material developed by Stephen Boyd at Stanford University and Lieven Vandenberghe at UCLA. A more detailed description of the contents is given in the schedule.


There will be 12 lectures. The students are expected to participate in 4 exercise sessions, solve 2 home work problems and carry out a non-mandatory project. There is a final exam. It is compulsory to attend the lectures and the exercise sessions.


First lecture is March 13, 13.15-15.00, Nollstället, see detailed schedule.


We will mainly use the book Boyd, S. and L. Vandenberghe: "Convex Optimization", Cambridge University Press, 2004. Additional references are


Some tools are:


Anders Hansson, Department of Electrical Engineering (, phone: +46 13 281681)


From 2018-06-14 until 2016-08-31 you may down-load the exam. After 36 hours you put the exam in an envelop, seal it, and hand it in. Exams should be handed in no later than 2018-08-31. Notice that you may not use any information on the internet in order to solve the exam.Go get it