A Path Tracking Criterion for an LHD Articulated Vehicle

Claudio Altafini

International Journal of Robotic Research , vol. 18, n. 5, p. 435-441, May 1999

A path tracking criterion for the so-called LHD (Load-Haul-Dump) truck used in underground mining is proposed in this paper. It exploits the particular configuration of this vehicle, composed of two units connected by an actuated articulation. The task is to follow the path represented by the middle of the tunnel maintaining the whole vehicle at a reduced distance from the path itself, in order to decrease the risk of crashes against the walls of the tunnel. This is accomplished via feedback through the synthesis of an appropriate path tracking criterion. The criterion is based on keeping track of the distances of the midpoints of both axles of the vehicle from their orthogonal projections on the path, using two different moving frames simultaneously. Local asymptotic stability to paths of constant curvature is achieved by means of linear state feedback

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