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Oscar Gustafsson

Born and raised in Karlsborg, Västergötland, I moved to Linköping in 1992 to study at the Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering (Y) programme. After a fourth year as an exchange student at Heriot-Watt University, I did another fourth year in Linköping and eventually in 1998 ended up with my Master degree with a focus on Electronics and Computer Engineering (in practice I used the exchange year as an excuse to not get a proper specialization). With decent performances on some key courses I was approached to join the Electronics Systems division as a PhD student. Five and a half year later, autumn 2003, I received my PhD degree with the dissertation "Contributions to Low-Complexity Digital Filters". Two year earlier my oldest son Cornelius was born. On the day of the defense, I was hinted that the Swedish Research Council (VR) was likely to grant my application, leading to five years as an assistant professor/research associate. During this time, in 2005, my second son Theodor was born. In 2008, I became "docent", meaning I can formally be the main supervisor for PhD students, got a permanent position as associate professor, and examined my first PhD student as main supervisor. During 2009 I visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as a guest researcher and took over as head of the division. Since 2012 I am also vice head of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

During my studies I spent much time doing sports. Mainly volleyball, where I was in charge of the student tournaments for a while, but also with more or less regular appearances in floorball, badminton, and basketball. Nowadays, the volleyball is still there, trying to join the pickup games at Campushallen when possible and playing in the local recreational league. During the last years, as a consequence of significant weight loss, I also have an at least decent stamina, leading to more interest in e. g. cycling and running. Since autumn 2013 I am running classes in indoor cycle (a.k.a. spinning if you have got the correctly branded exercise bike) at Campushallen. Wednesday lunch for those interested. My spare time is spent driving my sons to ice hockey and football practice, maintaining my house and garden, and cooking.

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