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Petter Källström

Research engineer.
(Prior: PhD Student within the field digital arithmetic and frequency synthesis)


Courses I teach in (ht=fall semester, vt=spring semester)
  • TSIU03 - System Design, ht1, Di3/El3 (en).
  • TSEA51 - Digitalteknik, ht1, Y1 (sv).
  • TSIU05 - Digitalteknik, ht1, El1 (sv).
  • TSEA84 - Digital system design, ht, D5/Y5 (en).
  • TSEA52 - Digitalteknik, ht, I3 (sv).
  • TSEA29 - Konstruktion med mikrodatorer, ht, D3/Di3/El2/IT4 (sv).
  • TSEA22 - Digitalteknik, vt1, D1 (sv).
  • TSEA48 - Datorteknik, vt1, IT2 (sv).
  • TSEA56 - Elektronik kandidatprojekt, vt, Y3/I3 (sv).
  • TSEA28 - Datorteknik, vt, Y2/U1 (sv).
  • TSEA83 - Datorkonstruktion, vt, D2 (sv).
  • TSTE87 - Application Specific Integrated Circuit for DSP, vt2, D4/Y4 (en).
  • TSEA82 - Datorteknik, vt2, D2 (sv).
  • TSEA57 - Datorteknik, vt2, I3 (sv).
Courses I do no longer teach in (reservation for broken links).
Some documents I've written, related to VHDL:

Research (prior)

My primary research is spread over different types of frequency synthesis (how to generate sinusoids as pure as possible), how to increase performances in FPGAs, and hardware arithmetics over all.
I have done some related animations and published here.


The papers I am (co)author of are


My schedule are defined in two places; My Google Calendar and sometimes a booking calendar outside my office.
If you want to book a meeting with me, try the calendar outside my door and send me a mail about it at least 24 hours before the meeting and hope I accept the meeting.


I received my Master of Computer Technology (profile: electronics) from Linköpings University in 2010.
I did my master thesis about DDFS in FPGAs, and how to optimize different design parameters to each others.
Since then I'm a PhD student, earlier in the Electronics Systems division (ES), and now in the Computer Engineering division (DA) of the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY).


Research engineer
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Linköpings Universitet
SE-581 83 Linköping
B-house, entrence 25, one stair up, room 3B:554 (map).
<petter.kallstrom@liu.se> (earlier: petterk@isy.liu.se)
My pages:
Publication list

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