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Inertial-aided Continuous-Time Structure from Motion in Practice

Hannes Ovrén, Per-Erik Forssén
Proceedings of SSBA 2018 IAPR
March 2018


Continuous-time structure from motion is a generalization of structure from motion where the estimated camera path is continuous instead of discrete. A continuous formulation allows the use of rolling shutter cameras, and simplifies incorporation of measurements from inertial sensors. This paper presents a method to correctly weight the inertial residuals in inertial-aided structure from motion, when using trajectories based on splines. We also present a method to automatically set the spline knot spacing, based on the concept of a quality measure. Our experiments show that the residual weighting is crucial for successful reconstructions on real data. We also highlight two benefits of adding inertial measurements to a structure from motion problem: a reduced need of initialization, and metric scale.

Full Paper

This paper is a preliminary version of the CVPR 2018 paper.

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