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Why Would I Want a Gyroscope on my RGB-D Sensor?

Hannes Ovrén, Per-Erik Forssén, David Törnqvist
WoRV13, Clearwater, FL, USA
Proceedings of IEEE Winter Vision Meetings, Workshop on Robot Vision (WoRV13)
January 2013


Many RGB-D sensors, e.g. the Microsoft Kinect, use rolling shutter cameras. Such cameras produce geometrically distorted images when the sensor is moving. To mitigate these rolling shutter distortions we propose a method that uses an attached gyroscope to rectify the depth scans. We also present a simple scheme to calibrate the relative pose and time synchronization between the gyro and a rolling shutter RGB-D sensor. We examine the effectiveness of our rectification scheme by coupling it with the the Kinect Fusion algorithm. By comparing Kinect Fusion models obtained from raw sensor scans and from rectified scans, we demonstrate improvement for three classes of sensor motion: panning motions causes slant distortions, and tilt motions cause vertically elongated or compressed objects. For wobble we also observe a loss of detail, compared to the reconstruction using rectified depth scans. As our method relies on gyroscope readings, the amount of computations required is negligible compared to the cost of running Kinect Fusion.

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