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Active Gaze Stabilization

Martin Lesmana, Axel Landgren, Per-Erik Forssén, Dinesh K. Pai
ICVGIP14, Bangalore, India
Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP'14)
December 2014


We describe a system for active stabilization of cameras mounted on highly dynamic robots. To focus on careful performance evaluation of the stabilization algorithm, we use a camera mounted on a robotic test platform that can have unknown perturbations in the horizontal plane, a commonly occurring scenario in mobile robotics. We show that the camera can be effectively stabilized using an inertial sensor and a single additional motor, without a joint position sensor. The algorithm uses an adaptive controller based on a model of the vertebrate Cerebellum for velocity stabilization, with additional drift correction. We have also developed a resolution adaptive retinal slip algorithm that is robust to motion blur. We evaluated the performance quantitatively using another high speed robot to generate repeatable sequences of large and fast movements that a gaze stabilization system can attempt to counteract. Thanks to the high-accuracy repeatability, we can make a fair comparison of algorithms for gaze stabilization. We show that the resulting system can reduce camera image motion to about one pixel per frame on average even when the platform is rotated at 200 degrees per second. As a practical application, we also demonstrate how the common task of face detection benefits from active gaze stabilization.

This paper received the Best Paper Award at the conference.

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