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Dr Liam Ellis


I am mainly interested in developing and applying Machine Learning and Data Mining algorithms for Computer Vision problems.

Projects that I have been involved with:


L Ellis, N Pugeault, K Ofjall, J Hedborg, R Bowden, and M Felsberg. Autonomous navigation and sign detector learning. In Winter Vision Meetings, IEEE Workshop on Robot Vision, 2013.
WoRV2013 at Winter Vision Meetings 2013.
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L Ellis and V Zografos. Online learning for fast segmentation of moving objects. To appear Proc Asian Conference Computer Vision, LNCS, 2012.
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Liam Ellis, Nicholas Dowson, Jiri Matas, and Richard Bowden. Linear regression and adaptive appearance models for fast simultaneous modelling and tracking. International Journal of Computer Vision, 95:154-179, 2011. 10.1007/s11263-010-0364-4.
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L Ellis, M Felsberg, and R Bowden. Affordance mining: Forming perception through action. In Proc Asian Comference Computer Vision, LNCS 6492-6495, volume 4, pages 2620-2633, 2010.
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Vasileios Zografos, Klas Nordberg, and Liam Ellis. Sparse motion segmentation using multiple six-point consistencies. In VECTaR workshop (with ACCV), 2010.
VECTaR2010 at ACCV2010
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Eng-Jon Ong, Liam Ellis, and Richard Bowden. Problem solving through imitation. Image Vision Comput., 27(11):1715-1728, October 2009.
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L. Ellis, J.G. Matas, and R. Bowden. Online learning and partitioning of linear displacement predictors for tracking. In Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference, pages 4.1-4.10. BMVA Press, 2008. doi:10.5244/C.22.4.
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L Ellis and R Bowden. Linear predictors for fast simultaneous modeling and tracking. In submitted to Workshop on Non-rigid Registration and Tracking through Learning, Eleventh IEEE Intl. Conf. Computer Vision, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007.
NRTL2007 at ICCV2007.
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L Ellis and R Bowden. Learning responses to visual stimuli: A generic approach. In 5th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, Bielefeld, Germany, 2007.
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L Ellis and R Bowden. A generalised exemplar approach to modelling perception action couplings. In International Workshop on Semantic Knowledge in Computer Vision, Tenth IEEE Intl. Conf. Computer Vision, page 1874, Beijing, China, 2005.
WoSKCV2005 at ICCV2005
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R Bowden, L Ellis, J Kittler, M Shevchenko, and D Windridge. Unsupervised symbol grounding and cognitive bootstrapping in cognitive vision. In Proc. 13th Int. Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, pages 27-36, September 2005.
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Liam Ellis

Liam Ellis


liam dot f DOT ellis aT gmail dOt com

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