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Camera-IMU Calibration with Robust Initialisation

Hannes Ovrén, Per-Erik Forssén
Proceedings of SSBA 2015 IAPR
March 2015


We propose a technique for joint calibration of a wide-angle rolling shutter camera (e.g. a GoPro) and an externally mounted gyroscope. The calibrated parameters are time scaling and offset, relative pose between gyroscope and camera, and gyroscope bias. The parameters are found by using non-linear least squares optimisation using the reprojection error of tracked points as a cost function. The primary contribution is a method for robust initialisation of the relative pose and time offset. Our technique works with general video content and does not require any specific setup or calibration patterns. For evaluation we use gyro-based video stabilisation on video sequences with varying difficulty and motion frequency content. The experiments demonstrate that our method can be used to produce high quality stabilised videos even under difficult conditions. We also show that the use of a robust error norm is a critical component to obtain an accurate calibration.

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This paper is a preliminary version of the ICRA 2015 paper.

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