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Pushing the Limits for View Prediction in Video Coding

Jens Ogniewski, Per-Erik Forssén
VISAPP17, Porto, Portugal
12th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP'17)
February-March 2017


More and more devices have depth sensors, making RGB+D video (colour+depth video) increasingly common. RGB+D video allows the use of depth image based rendering (DIBR) to render a given scene from different viewpoints, thus making it a useful asset in view prediction for 3D and free-viewpoint video coding.
In this paper we evaluate a multitude of algorithms for scattered data interpolation, in order to optimize the performance of DIBR for video coding. This also includes novel contributions like a Kriging refinement step, an edge suppression step to suppress artifacts, and a scale-adaptive kernel. Our evaluation uses the depth extension of the Sintel datasets. Using ground-truth sequences is crucial for such an optimization, as it ensures that all errors and artifacts are caused by the prediction itself rather than noisy or erroneous data. We also present a comparison with the commonly used mesh-based projection.

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