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Vision for a UAV helicopter

Klas Nordberg, Patrick Doherty, Gunnar Farnebäck, Per-Erik Forssén, Gösta Granlund, Anders Moe, Johan Wiklund
IROS'02, Lausanne, Switzerland
Proceedings of IROS'02, workshop on aerial robotics
October 2002


This paper presents and overview of the basic and applied research carried out by the Computer Vision Laboratory, Linköping University, in the WITAS UAV Project. This work includes customizing and redesigning vision methods to fit the particular needs and restrictions imposed by the UAV platform, e.g., for low-level vision, motion estimation, navigation, and tracking. It also includes a new learning structure for association of perception-action activations, and a runtime system for implementation and execution of vision algorithms. The paper contains also a brief introduction to the WITAS UAV Project.

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