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Single and multi-UAV localization based on natural landmarks

L. Merino, F. Caballero, Per-Erik Forssén, J. Wiklund, J. Ferruz, J. Ramiro Martinez-de Dios, A. Moe, K. Nordberg, A. Ollero
Springer book chapter
November 2007


This Chapter presents a vision-based method for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) motion estimation that uses as input an image motion field obtained from matches of point-like features. The Chapter enhances visionbased techniques developed for single UAV localization and demonstrates how they can be modified to deal with the problem of multi-UAV relative position estimation. The proposed approach is built upon the assumption that if different UAVs identify, using their cameras, common objects in a scene, the relative pose displacement between the UAVs can be computed from these correspondences under certain assumptions. However, although point-like features are suitable for local UAV motion estimation, finding matches between images collected using different cameras is a difficult task that may be overcome using blob features. Results justify the proposed approach.

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