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Curious George: An Attentive Semantic Robot

David Meger, Per-Erik Forssén, Kevin Lai, Scott Helmer, Sancho McCann, Tristram Southey, Matthew Baumann, James J. Little, David G. Lowe, Bruce Dow
IROS07 Workshop, San Diego, CA, USA
IROS 2007 Workshop: From sensors to human spatial concepts
November 2007


State-of-the-art methods have recently achieved impressive performance for recognising the objects present in large databases of pre-collected images. There has been much less focus on building embodied systems that recognise objects present in the real world. This paper describes an intelligent system which attempts to perform robust object recognition in a realistic scenario, where a mobile robot moving through an environment must use the images collected from its camera directly to recognise objects. To perform successful recognition in this scenario, we have chosen a combination of techniques including a peripheral-foveal vision system, an attention system combining bottom-up visual saliency with structure from stereo, and a localisation and mapping technique. The result is a highly capable object recognition system which can be easily trained to locate the objects of interest in an environment, and subsequently build a spatial-semantic map of the region. This capability has been demonstrated during the Semantic Robot Vision Challenge, and is further illustrated with experimental results.

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This system won the SRVC Comptetition at the AAAI07 conference in Vancouver. [Curious George page]

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