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Beyond 3D Imaging and Visualization

Lena Klasén, Amanda Berg, Per-Erik Forssén, Haibo Li
Proceedings of SSBA 2021 IAPR
March 2021


Visual Sweden is a national Swedish initiative that promotes innovation and regional growth within the visualization and computer vision fields. This paper presents a project within Visual Sweden that further develops today's high-resolution, precise 3D models into unique and intelligent n-dimensional models for analysis and visualization of complex environments and events. We present the project scope and give some examples of outcomes based on data from a measurement campaign conducted in June 2019 in Västervik, Sweden. The overall goal for the project is to provide means for new industrial products and services plus tools and methods for governments, whilst feeding back ideas for further research topics to academia. This is achieved by creating a platform for exchange of expertise, technology and algorithms. The project includes a broad set of participants from governments, academia, research institutes and industries, representing various parts in an innovation value-chain, from end-user to market. Together they secure a good knowledge of end-user's and market needs.

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