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Detection of Man-made Objects in Satellite Images

Per-Erik Forssén
December 1997


In this report, the principles of man-made object detection in satellite images is investigated. An overview of terminology and of how the detection problem is usually solved today is given. A three level system to solve the detection problem is proposed. The main branches of this system handle road, and city detection respectively. To achieve data source flexibility, the Logical Sensor notion is used to model the low level system components. Three Logical Sensors have been implemented and tested on Landsat TM and SPOT XS scenes. These are: BDT (Background Discriminant Transformation) to construct a man-made object property field; Local-orientation for texture estimation and road tracking; Texture estimation using local variance and variance of local orientation. A gradient magnitude measure for road seed generation has also been tested.


remote sensing, computer vision, logical sensors, road detection, man-made objects, spectral signature, local variance, quadrature filter

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Per-Erik Forssén

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