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Blobs in Epipolar Geometry

Per-Erik Forssén, Anders Moe
SSBA04, Uppsala
Proceedings SSBA'04 Symposium on Image Analysis
Pages 82-85
March 2004


Epipolar geometry is the geometry situation of two cameras depicting the same scene. For un-calibrated cameras epipolar geometry is compactly described by the fundamental matrix. Estimation of the fundamental matrix is trivial if we have a set of corresponding points in the two images. Corresponding points are often found using e.g. the Harris interest point detector, but there are several advantages with using richer features instead. In this paper we will use blob features. Blobs are homogeneous regions which are compactly described by their colour, area, centroid and inertia matrix. Using blobs to establish correspondences is fast, and the extra information besides position, allows us to reject false matches more accurately.

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