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Robust Multi-Scale Extraction of Blob Features

Per-Erik Forssén, Gösta Granlund
SCIA 2003, Gothenburg, Sweden
Proceedings of the 13th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis
Pages 11-18
June-July 2003


This paper presents a method for detection of homogeneous regions in grey-scale images, representing them as blobs. In order to be fast, and not to favour one scale over others, the method uses a scale pyramid. In contrast to most multi-scale methods this one is non-linear, since it employs robust estimation rather than averaging to move through scale-space. This has the advantage that adjacent and partially overlapping clusters only affect each other's shape, not each other's values. It even allows blobs within blobs, to provide a pyramid blob structure of the image.

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On-line proceedings available at the Springer website.

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