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A differential entropy-based method for reverse engineering quality assessment

Emmanuele Barberi, Filippo Cucinotta, Per-Erik Forssén, Marcello Raffaele, Fabio Salmeri
ADM2023, Florence, Italy
ADM 2023 International Conference
September 2023


The present work proposes the use of point clouds differential entropy as a method for reverse engineering quality assessment. This quality assessment can be used to measure the deviation of objects made with additive manufacturing or CNC techniques. The quality of the execution is intended as a measure of the deviation of the geometry of the obtained object compared to the original CAD. This paper proposes the use of the quality index of the CorAl method to assess the quality of an objects compared to its original CAD. This index, based on the differential entropy, takes on a value the closer to 0 the more they obtained object is close to the original geometry. The advantage of this method is to have a global synthetic index. It is however possible to have entropy maps of the individual points to verify which are the areas with the greatest deviation. The method is robust for comparing point clouds at different densities. Objects obtained by additive manufacturing with different print qualities were used. The quality index evaluated for each object, as defined in the CorAl method, turns out to be gradually closer to 0 as the quality of the piece's construction increases.

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