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CV Michael Felsberg

Diploma degree
1998, Diploma in engineering, computer science / image processing, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany

PhD degree
2002, PhD in engineering, image processing, Low-Level Image Processing with the Structure Multivector
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany
supervisors Gerald Sommer and Ulrich Heute
fellowships of the DFG and the German National Merit Foundation
awarded as best thesis of the Faculty of Engineering 2002

2002-2004, Computer Vision Laboratory, Linköping University, DFG fellowship

Docent competence
2005, Docent in Computer Vision, Linköping University

Previous employments
2004-2008, Associate Professor at the CVL

Current employment
since 2008, Professor in Computer Vision and head of division

2000 DAGM paper award
2003 best thesis of the Faculty of Engineering, CAU Kiel, 2002
2004 DAGM paper award
2005 DAGM Olympus award
2007 SSBA paper award
2010 SSBA paper award
2011 Conference on Information Fusion, honorable mention
2013 Ranked as 3rd in the Visual Object Tracking challenge at ICCV
2014 Best paper award Fourth IEEE Workshop on Mobile Vision at CVPR
2014 Winner of the Visual Object Tracking challenge at ECCV
2015 Winner of the OpenCV Challenge in Tracking

Invited speaker
2005 KVIT workshop
2006 EURANDOM workshop
2008 EURANDOM workshop
2009 European Workshop in Advanced Predictive Sensor-Motor Control
2012 GS workshop
2012 Computation Vision Summer School

Conference organization
2007 SSBA symposium co-chair
2007 SCIA workshop on Cognitive Systems
2011 SSBA general chair
2011 DAGM co-chair
2014 Organizer of CADICS Machine Learning Workshop at LiU
2014 ICPR publication chair
2015 VOT/VOT-TIR program chair
2016 ICPR track chair

PhD students
2007 Johan Skoglund (Lic)
2008 Erik Jonsson (PhD)
2009 Johan Sunnergardh (PhD)
2011 Fredrik Larsson (PhD)
2012 Johan Hedborg (PhD)
2014 Kristoffer Öfjäll (Lic, ongoing)
2014 Bertil Grelsson (Lic)
2015 Freddie Astrom (PhD)

Reviewer activities
Associate editor Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Journal of Image and Vision Computing, Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, Frontiers in Robotics and AI: Vision Systems Theory, Tools and Applications
Area chair ICPR, DAGM, SCIA
Reviewer for major conferences in the field: ICCV, ECCV, CVPR etc
Reviewer for major journals in the field: TPAMI, IJCV, TIP etc



Ongoing (selection):

EMC2 - Energy Minimization for Computational Cameras (VR framework project, project leader)

CENTAURO Robust Mobility and Dexterous Manipulation in Disaster Response by Fullbody Telepresence in a Centaur-like Robot (EU H2020, PI)

VIDI Visualization-adaptive Iterative Denoising of Images (VR, project leader)

CUAS Collaborative Unmanned Areal Systems (SSF, PI)

VPS Data-driven scene characterization for realistic rendering (SSF, PI)

VSS Visual Souround Sensing (ELLIIT/VR)

iQmatic (Vinnova)

LÄST industrial PhD project (VR, supervisor)

Finished EU projects:

GARNICS GARdenIng with a Cognitive System (EU FP7, PI)

DIPLECS Dynamic Interactive Perception-action LEarning in Cognitive Systems (EU FP7, coordinator)

COSPAL COgnitive System with Perception Action Learning (EU FP6, PI)

MATRIS MArkerless real-time TRacking (EU FP6, PI)

Michael Felsberg

Michael Felsberg


Postadress (obs: rek. brev kräver rätt ordning):
Linköpings universitet
Michael Felsberg
Institutionen för Systemteknik
581 83 Linköping
013 282460
0702 202460
f.n. konsultationstid (sista innan sommaren: torsdag 17/6) 13.15-13-45 via Zoom
efter sommaren:
Hus B, Campus Valla
Rum 2D:513
- bottenvåningen,
- korridor D,
- ingång 25B

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