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Christian Lundquist's research is concerned with sensor fusion in automotive applications. He is interested in boththeory and applications.

Research Projects

This page contains a brief introduction to current research projects where Christian Lundquist take part. For more informtion, follow the links to the project home page.

CADICS (2008-2018)

CADICS (Control, Autonomy, and Decision-making in Complex Systems) is a Linneaus Center funded by be Swedish Research Council (VR).

The goal is to develop new theory and methods for handling important problems in general decision making. An important aspect is to be able to use and assemble information from several sources to draw correct conclusions from this information.

Project home page.

SEFS (2005-2009)

SEFS (Sensor Fusion for Safety Systems) is a research project funded by IVSS, Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems.

Within the automotive industry there is currently a huge interest in active safety systems. All active safety functions needs information about the state of the host vehicle and its surroundings, such as lane geometry and the position of other vehicles. The aim of this project is to develop a general sensor fusion system utilizing information from all the available sensors.

Christian Lundquist

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