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Karl Granström: Teaching

Undergraduate courses

Karl has been involved in the following undergraduate courses:

Course Year:Quarter Notes
Automatic Control I, TSRT1906/07:1 
Automatic Control EI, TSEI7006/07:2Course Assistant
Automatic Control Y, TSRT1206/07:3 

Matlab Introductory Course, TSRT0107/08:1 

Automatic Control I, TSRT1908/09:1Course Assistant
Project Course Y, TFYY5108/09:1,2
Perspectives to Computer Technology, TDDC1008/09:1,2
Automatic Control Y, TSRT1208/09:3 
Control Project Laboratory, TSRT7108/09:3,4 

Automatic Control KA, MI, EL, TSIU6109/10:1Course Assistant
Project Course Y, TFYY5109/10:1,2
Control Project Laboratory, TSRT1009/10:1,2 
Digital Signal Processing, TSRT7809/10:2 

Control Project Laboratory, TSRT1010/11:1,2 
Digital Signal Processing, TSRT7810/11:2Course Assistant

Control Project Laboratory, TSRT1011/12:1,2 

Master's thesis supervision

Karl Granström has served as Master's thesis supervisor for the following undergraduate students:

Edman, Viktor
Tracking Groups of People in Video Surveillance
Performed at Swedish Defence Research Agency, Linköping, Sweden. Presented 2013-06-13
Wågberg, Johan and Wallden Viklund, Emanuel
Continuous Occupancy Mapping Using Gaussian Processes
Performed at ACFR, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. Presented 2012-09-14.
Pirard, Viktor
Development and evaluation of a filter for tracking highly maneuverable targets
Performed at Security and defence solutions, Järfälla, Sweden. Presented 2011-08-31.
Andersson, Tobias
Increased autonomy for construction equipment using laser
Performed at Volvo CE, Eskilstuna, Sweden. Presented 2010-08-25.
Almqvist, Erik
Airborne mapping using LIDAR
Performed at CybAero AB, Linköping, Sweden. Presented 2010-08-20.
Almqvist, Håkan
Automatic Bucket Fill
Performed at Volvo CE, Eskilstuna, Sweden. Presented 2009-10-06.
Karl Granström

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