Associate Professor Johan Löfberg

Johan graduated in 2003 and then spent 3 years at the Automatic Control Laboratory ETH in Zurich. His main research interest is in the application of parametric, bilevel, and robust optimization in MPC. Significant research efforts are also spent on the modeling language YALMIP which serves as a platform for much of his research.

Assistant Professor Daniel Axehill

Daniel received his PhD degree in February 2008. Starting in 2009, Daniel held a post-doc position for 2 years at the Automatic Control Laboratory at ETH Zurich. Daniel's current main research interests are real-time MPC, parametric optimization, and parallel computations for hybrid MPC.

Phd students

Daniel Simon is an industrial Phd student (from Saab) working in the project Control law development for constrained systems. Daniel is supervised by Johan Löfberg and co-supervised by Torkel Glad.

Isak Nielsen is a Phd student financed by the the Swedish Research Council (VR) and CENIIT. Isak is co-supervised by Daniel Axehill while his main supervisor is Anders Hansson. Isak's current research interest is efficient methods for real-time MPC.

Former Phd students

Peter Rosander was a Phd student financed by the Process Industry Centre. Although not funded primarily for MPC research, he investigated various MPC strategies in buffer tank management. Peter was co-supervised by Johan Löfberg while his main supervisor was Alf Isaksson. Peter is currently on leave to work at SAAB.

Former Master Thesis Students

Emma Andersson worked on fighter aircraft mission planning using MPC and optimal control. Examiner Daniel Axehill

Karl-Johan Barsk worked on advanced control of a tricopter using MPC. Examiner Daniel Axehill

Jacob Bernhard and Patrik Johansson worked on MPC control of an ROV. Examiner Daniel Axehill

Jan Drgona is visited us from Stuba Slovakia to work on his master thesis regarding efficient hybrid modelling. Examiner Michal Kvasnica, Johan Löfberg

Josefin Kemppainen was involved in a project at Scania where she applied MPC to control heavy duty platooning trucks. Examiner Daniel Axehill

Joachim Lundh worked on a project at ABB Corporate Research where he studied the use of MPC to control active bearings. Examiner Johan Löfberg

Christoffer Norén worked at Scania with nonlinear MPC for path planning of autonomous trucks. Examiner Daniel Axehill

Andreas Svensson worked on a project on using MPC for Artificial pancreas at UCSB. Supervisor at UCSB was Ravi Gondhalekar. Examiner Daniel Axehill