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Martin Skoglund


I am a Postdoc at the Division of Control and Communication Systems at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Linköping University. I started my Ph.D. studies in June 2008 after completing my M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering (Y) at Linköping University. I successfully defended my PhD thesis in October 2014.


My research interests are sensor fusion, modeling and estimation of nonlinear systems. I mainly work with vision sensors, such as cameras, and inertial sensors to obtain robust navigation and mapping solutions. I have also done some work concerning remotely operated underwater vehicles, optical see through head mounted display systems, sensor networks and simultaneous localization and mapping. More details about my reasearch can be found in the list of publications


Currently I am teaching Dynamical Systems and Control, TSRT21. I also frequently teach Modeling and Simulation, TSRT62. Ongoing and previous MSc students can be found on the supervision page
Martin Skoglund

Postdoc in Automatic Control

+46 13 281890
Mobile (private):
+46 70 240 73 28
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping
Visiting Address:
Campus Valla
Building B
Room 2A:511 (in the A corridor on the ground floor between entrance 25 and 27)

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