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PhD Courses

As part of the PhD program two years of graduate level courses are required. I have taken and am planning to take the following courses:

Year Course name Credits (ECTS) Status
2018 Autumn Linear System Theory, part I 7 Completed
Research Ethics 2 Completed
2019 Spring MAI0008 Nonlinear optimization, equations and least squares 9 Completed
TSRT09 Control Theory 6 Completed
TSRT14 Sensor Fusion 6 Completed
2019 Autumn Det akademiska lärarskapet (DAL) 6 Completed
MAI0137 Applied Statistical Methods - Part I 5 Completed
Neural Network and Deep Lerning 3+3 Completed
2020 Spring MAI0137 Applied Statistical Methods - Part II 3 Ongoing
Optimal Linear Filters 6 Completed
Machine Learning Reading Group 3 Completed
2020 Autumn Methodology of Science and Technology 4 Completed
System Identification 9+3 Completed
2021 Autumn Sequential Monte Carlo Methods 6 Completed
Nonlinear Control Systems 6+3 Completed

Completed 87
Total requirement 90

Magnus Malmström

PhD Student in Automatic Control

(Swedish: Doktorand i reglerteknik)

+46 73 829 37 27
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping
Visiting Address:
Campus Valla
Building B
Room 2A:523

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Last updated: 2022-04-05