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Technical Demonstrators

As a part of my research activities I have in collaboration with my colleagues developed several complex technical demonstrators and experimental platforms.

The OpenShoe platform

As a part of the Indo-Swedish Vinnova-DST project “System för positionering och navigering på kort håll”, I and my colleague J.O Nilsson spent 5 months at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 2011. There we developed the first version of the OpenShoe experimental platform for research on foot mounted inertial navigation. The work was documented in the paper Foot-mounted INS for everybody-an open-source embedded implementation. This was also the start of the OpenShoe project and homepage, where all the information need to reproduce the OpenShoe platform was published open-source. Over the years several new version of the OpenShoe platform have been developed and the platform is now also retailed by GT Silicon Pvt Ltd, India, which has sold +400 units to researcher around the world.
Illustration of pedestrian tracking using two OpenShoe modules.

The Tactical Locator (TOR)

With the OpenShoe platform as a stepping stone, in 2012, my colleagues and I set out to build the Tactical Locator (TOR) indoor navigation system and demonstrate the possibility to do infrastructure-free tracking of first responders (That is, the first-responders are tracked without any pre-installed infrastructure like radio beacons, Wi-Fi, etc.). The construction of TOR reached it final phase during 2013, and by the end of 2013 we could do the first full scale tests with fire fighters. Thereby, we became, if not the first, one of the first in the world to demonstrate the possibility to do infrastructure-free navigation and tracking of first responders under realistic conditions and with fully equipped fire fighters. The TOR system received the best demonstrator award at the 2014 IEEE Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation conference. The design of the TOR system is described in Cooperative localization by dual foot-mounted inertial sensors and inter-agent ranging

IF SafeDrive

In parallel with my research activities I co-founded the spin-off company Movelo AB to implement and release the Moving Vehicle Logger (MOVELO) campaign, in 2011. The MOVELO campaign was initiated to deploy a sustainable large-scale smartphone-based measurement system for road traffic probing. To make the campaign sustainable it was combined with a commercial usage-based insurance pilot sponsored by the Swedish insurer IF Skadeförsäkringar. The research conducted at Movelo AB and within the MOVELO campaign has resulted in publications
Illustration of smartphone app used in the Movelo campaign and traffic data collected.
Isaac Skog

Assistant Professor in Automatic Control,
Docent in Signal Processing

(Swedish: Biträdande universitetslektor i reglerteknik)

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